Corporate background

Aston Industry Group is active worldwide:

Photovoltaic Panels

Research and distribution of photovoltaic panels for industrial markets, including Power Plants.
Distribution of unique self-cleaning panels as well as ultra-light Teflon based panels.

LED Lighting

Research and advice of LEDs targeted at the industrial and public sectors, including advanced composite LED with ultra-thin heat-sink and direct 220/110V LEDs.

Solar Solutions

Large range of solar powered solutions for cooling, heating or water pumping for the residential & real-estate markets, including a unique hybrid reverse heat pump for Hotels & Industry.

Windmill Solutions

Unique vertical windmill technology developed in Switzerland built with state-of-the-art composite material, enabling a yield/m2 of 50% more than traditional solutions. Both fit for new plants and re-powering.

Renewable Energy Consulting

Consulting for the Industry & Government related to Renewable Energy projects, such as Energy Policy, Energy Saving Projects, Power Plants study, financing and delivery.