Aston Industry Group


Aston Industry SARL, created in 2011, is based in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Turkey, China and a representative office in Costa-Rica.

Renewable Energy Consulting
Aston Industry is consulting for the Industry & Government related to renewable energy projects, such as energy policy, energy saving projects, solar power plants study, financing and delivery.
Aston Industry offers a wide range of services and products in new energy related to photovoltaic panels, hot water heater and LED.

Aston Industry provides a range of products in the new energy industry, including detailed research for related products with good quality, and trade broker fers a wide range of services, including detailed research, customer/supplier targeting, three-party (customer/Aston Industry/supplier) cooperation development, support to consist a project team for each project, and project reporting.

Solutions – network
Aston Industry provides to its customers with turnkey solutions.
With a board network throughout Europe, USA, and Asia, Aston Industry has a powerful channel to develop the business.

Aston Industry provides a guarantee of reliable and consistent service.

We are a high value-added partner who contributes to the success of your project